My Proposed GPT4 Startup Idea

Might be onto something here :)

Mono Overview

Mono provides a means for individuals to make and earn a living doing anything they find joy in doing, whether it be writing, singing, dancing, drawing, editing videos, or anything they would want. All you need to do is tell Mono what you are interested in and Mono provides a fully performant environment for anyone to make money while utilizing the skill they have, or even don’t have.

Mono Features

Mono will be having a lot of features that would make it the go-to platform for any creative looking to make a living doing what they love, or even doing anything else. Although it would be amazing for the application to have a plethora of features out of the box, this would significantly lengthen the time for launch and review. So as a result the MVP would only launch with only the most basic features needed to enable creatives to hit the ground running. Some of these features would include:

  1. An interactive onboarding and authentication process

  2. Ability to create integrated environments (Monoes) for individual revenue sources.

  3. An integrated personal assistant for each of these platforms, fine-tuned to understand the individuals as well as the goals they have

  4. An easy and seamless way to view and withdraw all earned money on the platform. This would enable more effortless interaction and heighten customer satisfaction.

The major feature available is the integrated environment that will be assigned based on a selected revenue source based on skill. So let’s elaborate on this, shall we?

Mono Environments (Michael User Story)

Mono environments are all-in-one integrated platforms created on the application based on skills. These Monoes would come with full out-of-the-box functionality based on the skill that was selected by the user on the creation of the account. For added understanding, let’s take a user example.

Michael chooses writing and dancing as passions that he is interested in while creating the mobile application, Mono has this information and as a result, uses it to build environments that will enable the user to maximize the use of such skills to make money online.

So for writing. There would be a “Writing” Monoe and this would have all the tools that you could want to write anything you could want, such as an online word editor, plagiarism checker tool, word spinner, word rephrase, word editor, articles viewing list, respective publishing platforms are revenue gotten from it, etc. Some of these tools of course would be abstracted away from the application, but they would all link to the same app.

For Dancing, there would be a “Dancing” Monoe where all the tools that dancers need would be there to make a living for them. Such as video editing platforms, client lists, viewing platform lists, views of revenue gotten from dancing gigs, and many others. This as well would have a lot of things abstracted, but it would all be referenced and linked to the application.

Powerful Assistant (Mon AI)

The driving force behind making these environments a breeze for users would be the powerful AI assistant that would be baked into the application Mon. Mon would perform most of the tasks that would have created more accessible, such as creating a writing plan, Automatically making text better readable and understandable, making video sharper, generating video ideas, editing videos, adding flair to created designs, creating a mockup for client design, edit voice made in song, automatically format lists, and so much more. Mon AI would make Mono better and easier to use.

Technology Stack

The technologies used in Mono would mainly be three Mon AI, Mono web app, and Mono mobile application. The respective technology stacks for them would include:

Mon AI

Although not yet finalized, Mon AI would be built using the Chat GPT4 AI engine. This of course would have integrations with other AI tools such as MidJourney, DALLE, and many others, but the heart of the AI engine would be the GPT4 engine. This is because it enables very powerful features all while abstracting a lot of AI engineering processes. The Mon AI would be used to build custom software that would be used in some of the Monos, for example, custom software would need to be built to generate an animated, retro, futuristic, etc themed video from a script. This type of software would have many technologies that would be used to build it, as Chat GPT4 would hardly be enough to get this done.

Web Application

The Web app would be built using the JavaScript language, there are a lot of frameworks and libraries in the JavaScript Ecosystem, but the ones that would be used would mainly be

  • React (Frontend)

  • MUI (Design)

  • Express REST API (Backend)

  • MongoDB (mongoose)

  • Vercel

This is a simplistic overview of the web technologies that would be used for web application development. This is subject to change and modification, but it should stick to these technologies.

Mobile Application

The technology that would mainly be used for the mobile application would be a flutter. This is because flutter provides an amazing development experience, all while enabling one to build highly efficient mobile applications on nearly any platform.


Mono is a fairly ambitious project and would require time and dedication to complete. But with determination and commitment, mono has the potential to make the lives of individuals significantly better.