How Writing on Medium Led Me to Hashnode

And Why I’m Never Leaving

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Two years ago I developed a desire for writing articles. And this desire stemmed out from a lot of factors, one of which was to of course make money and a lot of it at that. And if you've read most of the articles on blogging online they'd make it seem so easy to make money online. And that was what I was after.

Fast forward a year later, and I didn't write a single article. Procrastinate much? Not really because at that time I started learning Python programming language and needed to focus primarily on it. But after learning it efficiently, I was finally ready to start writing articles.

Fast forward 8 months later and what? You guessed it not a single written article, PROCRASTINATOR! . I didn't enjoy the feeling, it sucked that I wanted to do a lot but was constantly not doing anything at all. I needed to get serious.


Then I stumbled on Medium in September, and finally, I had gotten the best place for me to write. It was simply amazing if you ask me. It had an already existing community, publications, and... you guessed it I could make money. So I wrote a few articles and it was amazing. Then after a few paydays, I was finally able to ask for my payments. But then what happened? I couldn't get paid. Why? Well, I was Nigerian writing for a US company that used a payment option that wasn't available in my country... Stripe.

I was devastated. I had written a bunch of articles put in my resources and time to something that fell through at the end. I gave up. Gave up on the whole writing for platforms, I was going to create my blog and monetize it.


After two months of researching, learning how to write better, how to promote my articles I was finally ready to open my blog. And that was when I saw a social media post on Why everyone should write on hashnode. Intrigued I opened the post and read it. By the time I was done reading, I finally knew what it felt like to be in love.

I thought medium was good? Well, I didn't know about Hashnode. It has almost everything, to mention a few it has;

  1. Start a Developer Blog in less than 5 mins
  2. Content Ownership (Yep your blog, your articles). It's all yours
  3. Active and growing community
  4. Ad-free, No pop-ups.

And my favorite ability is to monetize your content in the most developer-friendly way.

There are many other benefits in the post below

With all these benefits, what else could I possibly ask for? This is my first article on the blog and seeing how easy and simple it was to make. I'm not leaving hashnode anytime soon.

So what are you waiting for? Create your custom blog with hashnode. It's completely FREE